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Geo Coding Membership and Adding Information to Layers

We are using the Web to collect information from new members and other applicants to program. We would like to know of their physical location so that members can connect to each other based on their proximity to each other or a location where they can work collectively. This will require the following requirements into our data collection form.

You should be familiar with Google Apps Script and the following main Google API's

  1. Map API
  2. Fusion Table API
  3. Contacts API
  4. Calendar API
  5. Google Apps Script

A Google GUI form is required in which information is collected about individuals who want to apply for a specific activity / objective at a particular time and mark their availability over a map. The form should populate a Google fusion table which can present the map in a number of formats. Members should be able to add information to specific layers.

Provision of queries on databases generated from the fusion table and report back to users. If you are interested in participating in this programming activity. You will be required to use Google Drive and share the code with

Android Coding for Location Based Database with Picture and Video Upload Capability

Specifications Development in Process