Seminar Series for Emerging Leaders in Public Policy


You are an aspiring young politician, expecting to run for the next elections happening in Pakistan. Since the last few years media has turned politics into a new playing field. We assume that you are interested in an MPA Seat for a District in a Province for winning this election. You are contesting a Provincial Assembly Seat. You want to bring long term change in the country with good ideas. Ideas for Common Good can be referred as Public Policy. Government spends money under Public Policy. You are well aware that development spending at times can come from different sources. One possible source is the Provincial Annual Development Plan (White Paper) while the other is District Annual Development Plan. The annual development plan provides very specific amount of funding for each district under the Provincial Financial Awards. Your challenge is to prove yourself as a visionary in the eyes of citizens who are looking for a candidate which can offer change with good Public Policy and improved Annual Development Plans. They want to see someone who can not only offer solutions to their problems not only with words but concrete solutions with why, what, who, where, when and most importantly emerge as the new breed of leaders which will build a new Pakistan. For this purpose we would like to offer a series of web based seminars which can train young emerging leaders in the basic skills of Public Policy Formulation.

Scope of Course

The course carries a very personalized approach for a very few selected individuals who can demonstrate their interest. The course will cover the following topics.

  1. Fundamentals of Governance, State, Citizen, Civil Society and Politicians
  2. Public Services and Administration
  3. Case Studies in Public Policy
  4. Current Context and Challenges in Provinces
  5. Contextualizing Public Policy in Education Sector
  6. Framing Education Policy
  7. Data for Framing Evidence, Tools and Techniques
  8. Analysis of EMIS Data
  9. Political Communications and Public Policy
  10. Participants Project Presentation

Seminar Methodology

The seminar series is a combination of independent events which combine to give one a comprehensive view of the different aspects of understanding public policy challenges, framing and conveying them in a sound political communications message. The course assumes that participants will be self motivated to dig into vast amount of knowledge available in the public domain and structure it for self learning. Course will be conducted through distance learning using Google Hangouts. It will desirable that all course participants will be required to have a high speed DSL Connection with a camera. You should be comfortable using Gmail, Google Chat, Google+,Google Calander, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Groups and Google Earth. Links to elearning material for these tools will be provided and time will be given for the participants to become comfortable with the tools.

Development Statistics for Policy Analysis

It is very critical that the emerging leader uses quantitative data to prove the state of affairs which then can be improved and the impact of his hard on addressing a problem can be measured. Without quantitative approach to policy and advocacy the strength of an argument weakens and loses its charm for the citizen who wants to quantify the change that you are hoping to bring. We will be exposing the course participants to this rational framework of policy debate by using example of the education sector with a limited data set from a province in Pakistan. The data used in this example is real data from the Schools and Literacy Department, Government of KPK. The year of the data is not known but the issues that will be raised are more generic in nature and for learning purpose only. The link below provides a sample of a data mapped on Google Maps.

School Map in Mardan

Real data will be used where available. Course participants will be required to add data from their own locations to the maps and increase their understanding and of the group.

Interested in Applying

The seminar series is targeted at individuals who are ambitious about solving the problems, citizens face and see politics as a form of social service and bringing change in the Pakistani Society. If you are interested in applying please fill in the form linked below. You will be contacted for an interview and discussion as the next step.

Training Application Form

Link for Learning Google Business Applications