Public Interest Litigation

In Pakistan the accountability of the state is low which has serious implications for State Citizen Relationship. Lack of accountability mean poor value for tax payers money and the eventual degradation of legitimacy for the state. Specially when institutions which are established to deliver public services and amenities to a common man. Generally due to poor resource mobilization in these areas these services at time create a negative resource transfer from the citizens at large. Many such issues are inherit to the institutional and policy designs of these public institutions. In order to address these challenge the legal aid needs to look beyond the problem of individuals to group and community level. Once the scale of the problem is established the argument for reforming the system can be built.

In Pakistan, some of the key services which we have selected for public Interest litigation are as following. This will continue to expand as more volunteers and professionals join our program. The link will take you to some of the active cases.

  1. Water and Power Distribution Authority, Pakistan

  2. Sui Northern Gas, Pakistan

  3. National Database Registration Authority, Pakistan

  4. Revenue Department, Govt of KPK, Pakistan

  5. Schools and Literacy Department, Govt of KPK, Pakistan

  6. Health Department, Govt of KPK, Pakistan

  7. Police Department, Govt of KPK

At this start up stage we hope to initiate interest in the citizen to collectively look at the problems they face.