RTS Case Study On FIR Registration

This is a case study of action research on the implementation of Right to Services Act, 2013. Under this act the police department is bound to register an FIR against a cognizable offence or non cognizable offence. The history of the case study will reveal the limitations and institutional impediments to the effective enforcement of a law promulgated to ensure the rights of the citizens.

Land Claimant Aziz Ur Rehman

Aziz Ur Rehman S/O Village Baba Khel & his cousins, made frequent visits to my land threatening my farmer not to crop land. He later on threatened with life. He is serving in a reserve unit of Police in District Police ( This may have changed ). The police is not taking action against and each time a complaint is launched against him the police department and staff tries to defuse the matter. He repeats his attempts successively in spite of the fact that he has been told to file a partition suit to settle his claim against Noor Mohammed Khan. Below are recordings of some of his conversations in relation to the land he attempts to forcibly occupies.

Land Claimant Falak Naaz


Decisions of DRC

Record Submitted to DRC

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Motives ( Only for Police Investigation Stage )

The Nexus

Brothers in Arms