Fundamentals of Governance

Seminar Objectives

The Objective of the seminar is to discuss some of the fundamentals concepts around the role of stakeholders in Governance who are

  1. Political Leaders and Political Parties
  2. Public Administration
  3. Citizens
  4. Civil Society
  5. Media

After attending this online course, you will be able to comprehend the following topics

  • State Citizen Relationship and the different dimensions of it.
  • Define the basic concepts in relation to the role of the key stake holders in Governance
  • Understanding the relationship between these stakeholders

Course Format

The course is designed for a target group who have least graduation and are well versed in English. Courses targeted at the local governments will be offered in urdu language at a later point in time. The course has been designed with an assumption that participants will be familiar with common internet utilities and will prepare for the seminars before their participation in online forums like Google Hangouts and discussions. The seminars are focuses to real life stories and experience which are explained in relation to theoretical framework.

Discussion Group

The discussion with be held online and based on the case study that is posted in the literature below. Additional material in the form of online videos and documents are being posted below.

Learning Resources

The listed resources will be used to explain the fundamental concepts. Since the seminar aims to create the stepping stone for the next seminar in the series.


Good Governance and the World Bank

Definition of basic concepts and terminologies in governance and public administration


National eGovernance Promotional Video in India