District Development Information System

The District Development Information System was envisaged by the eJirga Program as a solution to the development disconnect between stakeholders in development who are Public Administration, Citizens, Civil Society / NGO's and Politicians. The pilot was designed in district Kohat under the Lachi Poverty Reduction Project.

The project was a pilot to prove the utility of technology in serving communities with improved Governance. Data sets were used from the UNDP Project for poverty mapping and overlaying education data on top. Once base maps for poverty levels are created the work done for lifting people out of poverty can then be mapped over them using GIS. It becomes easier to co-ordinate development between the various stakeholders on the resource each of them can pool in to achieve development objectives.

Meeting with the District Administration Kohat

Meeting with Community Organizations on How Lack of Information affects their lives

Meeting with Women Councilors on How Access to Information affects their lives