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Software Intern Assignments

Today no society can develop without the adoption of technology for productivity gains. Today good governance can not be achieved without advance systems of eGovernance. The software development is linked to promoting innovative ideas around eGovernance. The internship program is based on assignments which students or young professional take within deadlines. Following are the key attributes of our internship program.

  1. We Invest our energy in interns who are promising candidates for future work with the eGovernment Program.
  2. Our Internship is non paid
  3. Interns are expected to undertake assignments in specific time frame
  4. Timelines for assignments are agreed upon with the supervisor and any change has to be negotiated before the deadline otherwise your internship will be cancelled
  5. The assignments starts from easy research work to difficult assignments and for every assignment you are given feedback
  6. You will only get an internship letter if you would complete the assignment and is approved by the supervisor
  7. You can also get letters of recommendations for admissions to foreign and national universities which will be based on your completed work for the eGovernment Program

If you are interested please have a look at the list of Internship assignments. Kindly register in our database for future correspondence. Kindly initiate correspondence directly with the supervisor for the assignment.